Don't talk about behavior. Improve the child's experience.

Learning Seeds builds interactive training tools to improve a child’s behavior and motivation in real peer interactions.

Ways to Join in the Fun

Enlightened Shadowing Online Courses

Loads of strategies, video tutorials, and live Q+A will help you build a Solution Grid for your social learner.  Online Programs coming this Fall for Parents and 1-1 aides. Sign up to be notified when Registration is open.

Join Enlightened Shadowing Software Design Sprint Summer 2018

We're In! Enlightened Shadowing has been chosen from more than 1,600 companies for Mass Challenge Boston's Startup Accelerator.  This summer you can join us at the Innovation center's campus to build our social skills training tools while also enjoying a front row seat to a startup design sprint with mentoring, curriculum, and resources from Boston's Innovation leaders.

Enlightened Shadowing School Trainings

Full Day Staff Workshops combine motivating techniques, classroom modelling, parent workshops, and Troubleshooting in-depth Q+A times to help your staff build motivation and positive group behavior for your hard to reach students.

Enlightened Shadowing Software

Software tools for Enlightened Shadow strategies

Enlightened Shadowing Materials

Printed Guides and Materials. 

We love your feedback! Sign up to get an early glimpse and training materials and articles and offer feedback to improve the useability. 

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