Strategies to develop and maintain social Interaction

Why  do  stores  give  out  free  samples?  They  understand  that  when  faced  with  something  new,  we  are  not  yet  motivated  enough  to  pay  the  price  for  trying  it.  By shadowing  your  child  in  play,  your  goal  is  to  give  them  a  free  or  discounted  taste  of  how  fun  play  can  be  before  they  have  to  do  all  the  hard  work  of  listening, talking,  compromising,  and  building  cooperation.  

We train teachers, 1-1 aides and parents to coach social and language skills through real world peer to peer interactions. Using a fun apprenticeship model instead of talking or lessons, we make rapid improvements in children’s behavior and motivation in group settings.

Our programs offer a host of solutions that do not require verbal behavior nor social interest

Our Training materials have been piloted internationally in schools, camps, and home programs

Our Work has been featured in Journals for the Autism Community